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Cum on Nikki's Leather Coat

March 3, 2015,   15 mins 13

OMG Just look at Nikki! She looks so hot in her long leather coat and she knows it! She will drive you crazy, get you rockhard and suck on your cock till you can't hold it any longer. Princess Nikki wants your spunk all over her coat and lining.

Contains: blonde, coats/jackets, blowjob, boots, stockings, handjob, cum on coat, bootjob, dungeon

Lesbian Dominas cuckold part 2

February 27, 2015,   9 mins 06

Poor slave, he can smell the leather, he knows his two Dommes are so close but he is not allowed to join in. He can only hear how the two Ladies have fun with their strap-on, he is so hard but only their pleasure is on the agenda today. Would you want to be a cuckold for these leather beauties?

Contains: girl/girl, femdom, ebony, strap-on, boots, gloves, catsuit, dress, cuckold

Nikki's Human Throne

February 23, 2015,   12 mins 39

Cruel, bratty Nikki has done it again. This poor guy is just a toy, an object, a throne to her. She uses his face to sit on, taking his breath away. She wipes her wet pussy all over his nose. He can smell her but he is not allowed to touch her.

Contains: femdom, skirts, stockings, blonde, boots, breathplay

Hot Leather Goddess

February 19, 2015,   8 mins 06

Worship my long leather boots, my sexy leather coat and tight leather gloves. Watch me as I touch myself, making myself so very wet. These gloved fingers will feel so good inside me. Cum together with your hot, leather clad Goddess.

Contains: coats/jackets, boots, gloves, solo, masturbation

Secretary strap-on fuck

February 15, 2015,   10 mins 37

Sexy Lexie has her boss by the balls and he better starts pleasing her. She knows just what she likes! With her leather gloved hands, the horny secretary bends her new slut over her desk and gives him a good, hard ass fucking with her strap-on. Do you like dominant ladies in leather? Then this will surely get you off.

Contains: strap-on, femdom, anal, handjob, gloves, coats/jackets, stockings, high heels

Bound and milked

February 11, 2015,   10 mins 52

Bagged and fully encased in leather, this male slave is not going anywhere. He will be used as a toy, his cock will get teased, wanked and made to explode, but only when the leather clad military bitch allows it. Think you can hold back?

Contains: military, femdom, trousers, boots, gloves, coat/jackets, dungeon, cum on gloves, breathplay

Horny in her leather coat

February 7, 2015,   7 mins 22

Are you a fan of sexy blondes in leather? Would you like to look under Linda's long coat? She loves an audience as she teases and plays with herself. Can you imagine spunking on her leathers?

Contains: coats/jackets, blonde, solo, masturbation, boots, stockings

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