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Cum on Nikki's leather coat part 1

August 28, 2016,   7 mins 31

Princess Nikki is looking very regal and hot in her long black leather coat. She knows the effect she has on you and loves to take care of your erection. Rubbing her leathers on your cock and balls and wrapping her sexy lips around your dick, all while she is dressed in leather surely must be heaven.

Contains: blonde, POV, coats/jackets, boots, blowjob, handjob

Luxury leather handjob

August 24, 2016,   11 mins 42

How much do you like the touch of leather on your cock? Would you like me to stroke you with these buttersoft and luxurious leather gloves? I am also wearing a nice skirt and high heels to get you even more horny. Are you ready to have your balls drained onto my leathered hands?

Contains: high heels, skirts, gloves, POV, handjob, cum on gloves, stockings

Worship Miss Coco

August 20, 2016,   9 mins 26

Gorgeous and dressed in sexy black leather, Miss Coco truly deserves to be worshipped by you. Come closer for a view of her leather boots and stroke when she unzips her leather trousers.

Contains: trousers, boots, gloves, solo, masturbation, corset, femdom

Enforced female orgasm part 1

August 16, 2016,   8 mins 05

I love playing with Gina as she is just so naughty but this time I tie her to the bed and will really tease her. Soon that smirk will vanish of her face as I make her cum over and over again in her leather pants. But I decide when she can cum which makes her very desperate and even hornier.

Contains: girl/girl, trousers, corset, boots, gloves, toy, bondage, coats/jackets, Enforced orgasm

Secret love for leather revealed

August 12, 2016,   9 mins 56

Oh hello boss...it seems I have found out your secret love for leather. Is that way you like your secretary to be dressed like this? Maybe it is time to explore your fetish for leather with me? I am wearing the sexiest business suit and high heels which are perfect to get you hard.

Contains: high heels, coats/jackets, skirts, tease

Lick my hot leather ass

August 8, 2016,   10 mins 55

Miss Yasmin Scott has her leather slave very near to her beautiful ass. Today he will worship it, he gets the pleasure of licking all that leather too. The Mistress will also smother his face, bounce on top of it and play with his cock though he won't get any release. This is all about Her leather butt!

Contains: femdom, trousers, high heels, corset, gloves, facesitting, tease/denial

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