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Enforced female orgasm

May 5, 2015,   13 mins 58

There is no escape for slave girl Dunia. With two strict Dommes, she will just have to obey. All that leather is driving her crazy. Dunia can't wait to worship it, lick it, taste it. Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza make sure she does a good job before forcing her to cum in front of them.

Contains: ebony, femdom, slavegirl, boots, gloves, coats/jackets, high heels, breathplay

Lesbian leather porn part 1

May 30, 2015,   8 mins 43

Wouldn't you love to have these two leather girlfriends in your bedroom? They enjoy being watched as they passionately kiss each other in their leather outfits. The temperature is rising, can you feel it?

Contains: blonde, girl/girl, gloves, skirts, boots, high heels, corset

Harsh leather milking part 1

May 26, 2015,   9 mins 47

This slave is such a slut for leather, he can't contain his excitement for even a few minutes. Just look at the precum on my leather dress! I enjoy teasing him, tormenting his nipples and ruining his first orgasm ha ha. But there is more, harsh milking to come.

Contains: femdom, handjob, dress, gloves, high heels, cumshot

Amirah will fuck your ass

May 22, 2015,   9 mins 37

Leather clad Amirah wants you, on your knees, ready to lick her divine boots. Are you ready to please this Goddess? Are you spreading your mouth and ass for her? Because she wants to use her strap-on cock on you right now.

Contains: strap-on, POV, femdom, trousers, corset, boots

Handjob by Leather Goddess part 2

May 18, 2015,   9 mins 37

Hard, so very hard. His cock loves to get touched by leather, leather gloves and my long nails. He can smell my perfume mixed with my leathery scent. He can't hold his spunk much longer and I make it shoot out hard.

Contains: dress, handjob, gloves, fitting, cumshot, femdom, boots

Cruel Nikki and Anina part 1

May 14, 2015,   May 14, 2015

Princess Nikki and Anina Silk are such a tease! Their poor leather slave is missing out on some very hot lesbian action and he is getting used as their personal leather seat. Would you like to see these cruel Ladies in action?

Contains: skirts, boots, gloves, femdom, blonde, girl/girl, tease/denial, chastity

Bi enforced handjob

May 10, 2015,   13 mins 33

Three leather clad Dommes and two very nervous slaves. How are these guys going to amuse the stunning ladies? Obviously Nikki Whiplash, Miss Velour and Fetish Liza know how, by pushing the boundaries and turning them Bi!

Contains: boots, gloves, trousers, corset, blonde, dungeon, big boobs, handjob, femdom, cumeating, enforced-bi, cum on gloves

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